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Company Introduction


Authorized Reseller

Authorized Service Provider

Who are we?

An Authorised Sales and Service Representative for Apple India.
With Bases in Mumbai & Goa, but a Pan-India capability.

But that’s just a summary. There’s much more to us.

30+ Years Expertise

The Beginning

PCSS Solutions was founded by Peter Almeida, supported by Savio in 1997 as PCS Solutions, with the dream to pioneer Apple’s technological prowess in India.

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Service Provider


Year 1997

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Authorized Reseller

Authorized Service Provider


They were later joined by Churchill Lewis to accompany them and bring PCSS to where it stands today, together.

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PCSS’ Primary Base of Operation is centered in Mumbai, Mahim. 

This Office has been at the forefront of all business affairs from our inception till today, merely because this address is known to customers and clients that have been with us since the beginning.

A Steady Growth

Over the years PCSS has grown into a highly-rated fully fledged multi-state company with the ability to sell and provide service successfully across the country to personal buyers, commercial customers and enterprise clientele. (we've opened a NEW service Center near Charni Road!)

Our Motto is an honest one

PCSS has found a firm balance between business and relationships, with both, it’s clientele and it’s workforce. This is an important aspect since many company’s at our level tend to forgo one for the other, which can be detrimental in the long run.

We are more than capable for going out of our bounds to help the customers, but we also make sure we do the same for our employees. Which is why we stuck firmly to the ground with our honesty, sincerity and expertise for over 3 decades with one vision in mind.

We are Professionals you can count on.

Honest service that is nothing short of perfect and nothing more than what won’t genuinely benefit our client or customer.

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Our Pillars Of Service

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With higher costs,

comes higher unsurity. Which is why our communication circles around Trust.

Which is important to make a final sales or service choice. 

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From customers,

to clients,

to employees, delivery agents, etc.


Respect is given

to one and all.

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Our value in work is only as good as our commitment to our customers and clients.

This is why we commit ourselves to providing premium service at all times.

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We assist

our clients and customers with facts and truths. Whether or not

it profits us, as long as they treated fairly

and given correct information.

What Makes Us Different?

We abstain from dishonest practices and ensure that our customers and client get rightful service without any hidden facts, promises or costs.
We believe this is imperative towards building an atmosphere of trust in a highly competitive world, because we understand, no matter how good an offer is, when the stakes are high you will always go with the one you trust the most. Us.
We also stand out from others in a lot of technical ways that the following slides will help understand.

  • We have an industry experience of over 30 years. This means we not only know almost everything about Apple, we can also help predict what comes in the future. This helps us, help others make an informed sales or service decision. 

  • PCSS is currently the only company in the market with it’s on Mobile App on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

  • We were one of the only few companies that found ways to help customers during the lockdown period, and continue to do so. Thereby fortifying our pillars of trust and reliability.

  • We are one of the only few companies with a dedicated chat support and not a bot.

  • PCSS is in the process of complete modernization of it’s online presence, from all Social Media Handles, to every online footprint.

  • We plan hard to deliver competitive prices that are appealing to buyers, but also help us function effectively with a timely-paid workforce.

  • Our uniquely tailored service plans always evolve to best serve all patrons. Personal, Commercial and Enterprise.

What More Can We Offer YOU?

Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo, ProLink, Beats, JBL, Amazon Echo & Kindle, Boat, Western Digital, and of course, Anything and everything related to Apple Devices. From covers to hardened screen covers, laptop sleeves etc.

Sales Support on Multiple Fronts

Unmatched Service, Support & Training

  • Training & Enablement

  • Pickup and Drop facilities in Mumbai, Pune and Goa.

  • Dedicated Manager and Technician for all Enterprise Accounts.

  • Exclusive technology training sessions held by PCSS

  • Enterprise Special Pricing (Service)

Expert & Qualified MDM Solutions

Apple Business Manager | JAMF | SOTI

Most Importantly, Enterprise Benefits

  • Exclusive Purchase Benefits (with a 3 year plan)

  • Special Bundled Offers (Hardware + CarePacks)

  • On-site Support - Enterprise Grade Support on Premises.

  • Dedicated Online Support Team

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Trusted By Many
Corporate Goliaths

 We pride ourselves on our efficiency, honesty and consistency. That is why it is easy for many organisations, companies, corporates and conglomerates to trust us.

  • Lintas

  • PayU FIn

  • Currencies Direct

  • Star India

  • IDFC

  • HDFC

  • Double Negative

  • USV

  • Alkem

  • PriceLine

  • Kadri

  • RR Cable

  • SBI



  • HDFC Limited

  • Geno Pharma

  • Cipla

  • Pentair

  • CapriGlobal

  • Capricot Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • Parle Products

  • Saurashtra Cements

  • Borosil

  • Lodha Ventures

  • SBI General

  • ANZ

  • ThoughtBlurb

  • Parkson Packaging

  • PVR

  • Baggit

  • Fractal Analytics

  • Western Railways

  • Hinduja Hospital

  • Wockhardt

And this is just for Enterprise.

The Road Ahead

As an ever-growing company that’s now taking multiple fronts head-on. We plan to expand and grow in both the physical and digital realms. 

  • More Service Centers

  • Better Presence Online

  • Greater Offers for Sales and Service

  • Unique Partner Programs like iMpetus & a lot more.

That’s All About Us,
Now Let’s Talk About You

We’re available to talk on multiple platforms, here’s how you can get in touch with us so we can discuss sales or service for your enterprise!

Mobile Contact 

Peter Almeida  +91 9820292556

Savio Lobo      +91 9820292558

Clint Almeida   +91 9833793154

Email Address

WhatsApp Chat Support QR -

(Scan it directly from your phone’s camera.)

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